Arduino library to send sensor readings as beacons on 433MHz.

I've been sending beacons from little cheap arduinos over 433MHz for a while. Last week I wrapped the code into a library for arduino


cd [ardruino-installation]/libraries
git clone

2 methods, for sending beaconed messages over ultra cheap 433MHz transmitters.

In the arduino ide, in setup(), tell the library:

  • which pin the 433MHz transmitter was wired to,
  • which led to light to indicate transmission (Uno have a handy led on pin 11)
  • what your station is called.
wallynet_setup(int transmit_pin, int led_pin, String station_name);`


wallynet_setup(1, 11, "laundry");

Use `wallynet_send_beacon`  to transmit. 

wallynet_send_beacon(String reading_name, String reading_value)


  float humidity = DHT.humidity;  
  wallynet_send_beacon("humidity", (String) humidity);

##### Dependencies:

* [Virtual Wire](

##### Notes:
* Messages are un-encrypted and trivially intercepted or jammed
* Nothing checks that the message was recieved
* Your own tranmitter may all transmit over the top of each other, and garble each other.