Home automation and Wellington public transport

Apr 14, 2017

The Metlink RTI signs are great. You can know at a glance when the next bus is.

It's useful to me, to also know this when i'm at home. To know if I should be running out the door to the bus, or instead finish my coffee and walk slowly.

So I made a component for Home Assistant. I used homeassitant for most of the automation around my home. Once the data is in there, it can be exposed on Rest API, sent to MQTT, and used in automation.



It's only day one of the four day easter weekend. Maybe i'll get it on a LED sign in the hallway by Monday. Maybe I'll sit in the garden and drink beer instead. Who knows?


CC-BY-NC photo by Ellen Fitzsimons

Brenda Wallace

Brenda does many things. Lately it's mostly typing softwares, and soldering gadgets.

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