One repetitive thing that software can do is ensuring we have enough food in the house to cook dinner and make lunches. I've been looking for services to do this for me in Wellington New Zealand. Here's what I found and what I'm using


The main repetitive grocery trip is for fresh vegetables, fruit and meat. I used for a while (about two years), but we found their quality levels too low. We were accustomed to the fruit and vege from Strathmore Butchery and Miramar Fruit and Vege supply.

We now use who supply a box of seasonal fruit and vege, and meat, fish -- butter, milk. All the fresh perishable stuff - and a bottle of wine, and craft beer. It changes every week. I get an email on Friday saying the proposed box is available on the website, and I have until Monday night to make changes to what they selected for me. I get a text on Monday reminding me to double check (which I do on the bus) and then Wednesday all the selected groceries show up. If I don't do anything, I will get a reasonably suitable box of kai anyway. I have set preferences that our family doesn't like mussels and a few other things so that'll never happen.


Supreme coffee send me coffee every friday. They change the beans every week. This is perfect.


These glorious fruits get their own category because we have high standards. We previously got avocadoes from, but they don't do automated subscriptions. This year I found who send us a box of avos every two weeks during the avocado season.



Several places that send a box of craft beer. I'm using They have some interesting beers such as homebrew competition winners. It's an automated way to increase your beer horizons.

Others include: and



We don't know much about wine. asks you about what coffee you drink, what food you prefer, and a bunch more questions, to come up with a box of wine you might like. Then you rate these, and they send you some you should like even more. I've only got my first box of wine, and I'd say we liked about half of them.


Not essential, but fun. sends a box of chocolate every month. It's bars of interesting chocolate - there's a whole world of find chocolate makers, doing things like "single farm" and abominations like "pumpkin spice".

I saw some other chocolate subscriptions. I haven't tried these yet: and