Haptic feedback everywhere?

Haptic feedback everywhere?

I backed a thing on kickstarter. It was a "moon cup", with bluetooth. For those not familiar with the term, it's a menstruation product. Better for the planet because it's re-usable, and hey bluetooth makes everything better. It's the bacon of electronics. (almost) nobody says "oh no you added bacon, it's ruined!". The same is true of bluetooth.

Looncup kickstarter

The bluetooth is so it can tell your phone when you needed to go empty etc.

They didn't deliver -- cluster of really really bad communication and lack of communication. They spelled their own product name wrong in the updates, and gave emails with dns entries that don't exist and linked to other company's websites instead of their own... and guess what, no items shipped.

Kickstarter is pretty much gambling, but for shoppers.

In the latest update, they announced they've removed the bluetooth, and added haptic feedback.


When the mooncup is full, it's going to VIBRATE

Can anyone see how that, especially if it malfunctions, is going to make for awkward moment in the middle of a meeting?