Home automation lessons from SCADA

I've been building up all sorts of sensors and actuators in my home - and i discussed this with my father who is a SCADA engineer (and looking to do »

i'm speaking at kiwipycon

I'm speaking at this great kiwi conference. My topic is "Let's put wifi in everything" which is mostly about be getting excited and carried away with the $3 ESP8266 boards. »

Making your event for everyone

Whether your event is a knitting circle, or an exclusive CEO forum, (or a knitting circles for CEOs) you can help it be inclusive. Don't assume that because your event »

Automating remote switches when you're cheap

Wemos are switches you can operate from wifi and remotely. Wemos nice and all. But they have two downsides: 1) They are expensive. 2) I don't trust them. Here's some »

All the Lightbulbs

I like the idea of "Lan of Things". I don't like poking packets through the internet just to turn on the light bulb. Too many things need to be working »

Soil sensors

Because i'm a giant nerd, I added a soil moisture probe to an arduino uno. Also some neopixel leds to show the soil moisture state. If you stick two conductors »

Making a Smart Hat

To make a smart hat... firstly, why? I catch buses. They get hot, they get cold. Most of all i can't stand when they get stuffy humid hot. I want »

Digistump Oaks are cool as!

I got the digistump oak boards working over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon I made a door bell. This means the internet needs to be working or the doorbell will not »

Icons for Openhab

I converted the OpenAutomationProject icons to 64x64 pngs I inverted the colours, and made the white transparent. https://github.com/Br3nda/knx-uf-iconset/raw/master/openhab-icons.tar.gz »

Mysensors.org arduino uno sheilds

First draft of Arduino Uno shields for Mysensors.org. I've put all the details up at https://www.openhardware.io/view/39/Mysensors-Uno-shield »